25th Annual Stony Plain Cowboy Festival
Aug 18th - 20th 2017
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2017 Performing Artists

For 25 years the Stony Plain Cowboy Gathering Society has been celebrating the cowboy scene through music, cowboy poetry and the visual arts & crafts.  The Stony Plain Cowboy Gathering Society, a Not-for-Profit society, is made up of a brave group of dedicated volunteers committed to

“The preservation and presentation of historical and contemporary Cowboy Music, Poetry and Art.”

In 2017, the Stony Plain Cowboy Gathering Society will be hosting the 25th annual edition of this legendary Gathering.  We are in the process of inviting a crew of great artists to join us in August, 2017. And with the stellar line-up of poets, pickers, and artists coming, the Gathering is shaping up to be the greatest ever and the Stony Plain Cowboy Gathering Society (The Posse) is ready and rarin’ to go!

The 2017 Festival will take place on August 18-20, 2017. This will be our 25th annual event, held at Stony Plain Heritage Park, 5100 41 Avenue, Stony Plain, Alberta. 

We hope you’ll also gain a new appreciation of the west’s rich and incredible cowboy heritage. We look forward to spending the weekend with you.

25th Anniversary Cowboy Festival Lineup
Aug 2017

Roger West

7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Roger West, an entertainer who exemplifies passion with a heart the size of Texas, quickly rose to be one of the Ontario’s top earning club acts, winning fans and buyers alike with his flamboyant energetic style. This unique artist, seasoned well beyond his years, paid his dues on the Eastern Canadian music scene, pounding pavement, first as a prolific side man to later front his own group The Bounty Hunters. His gutsy move to Alberta in 2007 have paid huge dividends, as he has amazingly become one of the busiest touring acts in Western Canada in less than 2 years.

Aug 2017

Steve Newsome

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Steve Newsome is a Canadian country singer/songwriter, born and raised in southern Alberta. He now hangs his hat just west of Stony Plain. Steve’s proud farm, ranching and trail riding past has given him plenty of inspiration for his song writing. From guitar drowning pack horses, grizzly bears and back country rodeos to making big wheels turn and engines roar, Steve has no shortage of experience when it comes to the cowboy life.

Steve takes time out to work with young local artists, whether it is song writing, doing sound production at a show or all around mentoring. In addition to working with other artists, Steve has also done charity work, raising funds for Boot Campaign Canada, in support of Post Service Armed Forces and First Responders.

Aug 2017

Topher Mils

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Drive, Love, and Passion, are just a few of the things you might think of when seeing Topher Mils perform on stage. For over 10 years Topher has been performing around Western Canada with many different acts, playing different genres such as Rock, Country, and Pop, as a guitarist and vocalist. He’s played guitar and sang back up vocals with recording artists Brock Andrews, Brody Seibert, and Chad Brownlee. After years away from the studio, Topher Mils is excited to be getting back in touch with that side of music. He sang back up vocals on Brock Andrews latest album “Eight” which was recently released, and is currently working on recording artist Arron Rigden’s debut album, singing back up vocals and recording some guitar parts. Topher is also recording his very own debut album which should be released this year.

Aug 2017

Aaron Pritchett

9:00 pm

Acclaimed for bringing “rock energy” to “country audiences”, Aaron Pritchett continues to hold the title of one of the most sought after artists in the business. His passion and intensity for his art overflows on stage and spills into his unwavering dedication to his fans.

Growing up in small-town Northern BC, Aaron drew his earliest musical influences from 80’s Rock, but the transition to country music came naturally, “it was based on being able to relate to the stories that country songs told. Those stories were a lot like mine. I was going fishing, camping, and riding buses to hockey tournaments in even smaller towns than my own, life was a lot more country than rock and roll. That feeling resonated with me and I strive to convey that in my music today”

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